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Im Gonna Start (Netherfriends)Quiero Mas (Shakira)Live To A Hundred (Netherfriends)Oh No (Linkin Park)Times Like These (Kid Rock)When It Rains (Kid Rock)8th Wonder (Gossip)Who Says You Cant Go Home (Bon Jovi)My Perogative (Britney Spears)See What I See In You (Article One)So Muhc Trouble In The Wolrd (Shakira)Sing Ft.Annie lenox (Shakira)This Is Our Life (Interlude) (Article One)Hordes Of Chaos (Kreator)Your Funeral My Trial (Joe Bonamassa)Gun Sounds (MellowHype)Dayspring (Place Of Skulls)Leland (Cemeteries)Devil In A New Dress (Kanye West)Seeman (Rammstein)